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Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership, Phase I and II


Coauthors: Kevin McLeod & DeAnn Huinker

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Public Schools, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College comprise the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership, which, since 2003, has involved mathematics faculty and mathematics educators in collaboration with PK-12 educators, in order to improve student achievement in mathematics in the Milwaukee Public Schools.

The Partnership embraces four major goals:

• Comprehensive Mathematics Framework

• Distributed Leadership

• Teacher Learning Continuum

• Student Learning Continuum

The Comprehensive Mathematics Framework, in the top left corner of the poster, is the Partnerships vision for high-quality mathematics teaching and learning. Distributed Leadership is represented by school-based Mathematics Teacher Leaders (MTLs) and district-level Mathematics Teaching Specialists. The Partnership has provided professional development for the MTLs in the form of monthly meetings, and for all teachers in the form of university credit-bearing courses. Since 2003, the percentage of students scoring proficient or advanced on the annual state test has increased by over 10 percentage points, narrowing both the achievement gap with the rest of the state, and achievement gaps between student subgroups within the Milwaukee Public Schools.

With Wisconsins adoption of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in June 2010, the Partnership has been developing strategies for maintaining progress on its goals while implementing the Common Core with fidelity in the Milwaukee Public Schools.

For more information, or to download professional development tools and materials developed by the Partnership, see the Partnerships website,